Cooling System

Like in all internal combustion engines, cooling plays an instrumental role in keeping your Can-am Defender’s motor firing like it should. A system of sensors, fans, and cooling lines full of coolant work together to keep reduce temperatures in key areas and keep your UTV from overheating. Should one component fail, the side-by-side’s entire cooling system is then at risk of not being able to perform its job. And this is why it is important to not neglect your Can-am Defender’s cooling system. If you do find that your side-by-side is overheating, first make sure that it has enough coolant. After that, you should give the radiator a thorough cleaning to make sure nothing is obstructing the airflow in and out of your Defenders grill. An air bubble in the cooling system is another common issue which is easily fixed. Simply take the radiator cap off, park your machine on a slight uphill incline, and let it run a while. The coolant should move around the system and “burp” out any air inside the coolant lines.


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If you’ve tried all this but to no avail, your Can-am Defender heating system might need some replacement parts. A nicked or punctured cooling line, faulty cooling fans, and cracks / dings in the radiator can all cause your UTV to overhead. Furthermore, overheating can occur even if your rig’s cooling system is perfectly functional. Brakes can drag, belts can slip, and a number of other things can happen that make the machine work harder than normal. If this is the case, you’ll see that your side-by-side cools down okay at idle, but heats up more than normal while moving. But whatever the case may be and whatever you may need, from replacement fans and high-grade coolant to OEM radiator replacement blades, aftermarket radiators, and radiator relocation kits, here at Everything Can-am Offroad, we’ve got a complete lineup of Can-Am Defender cooling systems and cooling system components to keep your engine at the optimal temperature.

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