Fuel / Intake

Whenever you ride unorthodox conditions like sand dunes, mud / water, and snow, it pays to keep your Can-am Defender intakes in mind. Of course snorkeling your side-by-side will help when riding in bogs, creek crossings, and other terraqueous situations, but when it comes to powdery snow, gritty mud, and fine sand, a simple snorkel just ain’t going to cut it. Many riders choose to go the route of a CVT and Engine air intake location redesign to maximize fresh clean air intake. Can-am Defender’s on tracks are especially keen on getting the intake up in front of the machine to keep dust and snow out of the UTV’s intakes and away from the cab. Powder riders with tracked out Defenders also often use prefilters to protect their combustion air intakes when riding powder. You can also get prefilters for the clutch intake, and if you run snorkels, you can reroute them into cab with a kit available from BRP. There’s no kit for the combustion air intake but you can still make it happen using the same basic concept as the clutch intake.


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In addition to running high snorkels to put the air intake up high able the dirt, dust, and water, many riders like to modify their air boxes with epoxy and hit their vent lines with silicone so that they don’t leak. And if you’re worried about how you’ll be able to change your air filter in the future after doing this, you can use the cheaper clear silicone on on your air and belt box lids so you can pry it off easily if need be. Another thing you can do is run your weep tube up high to help keep it clean from mud so that you can better monitor if you have water pump seal problems. Regardless, if you’re modifying your Can-An Defender intakes, looking for intake kits, or trying to find replacement intake components, here at Everything Can-An Offroad, we’ve got all the best intake-related aftermarket accessories for the Can-Am Defender.