Rear Drive Line / Suspension

When it comes to taking use and abuse from heavy-footed drivers, Can-am Defender rear drive lines can hold their own. While some UTV riders always have their four-wheel-drive engaged, others rarely run 4WD. And thats perfectly fine. On roads and trails where 2WD is more than enough, it just doesn’t make sense to run all wheels all the time — which uses up extra gas and causes added ware in certain areas. Like 4WD, some Can-am Defender owners never lock their rear differential. If you’re slipping around more than usual or preparing to climb a steep hill, you should definitely leave your rear locked in. Many think that running their Can-am Defender with the rear differential unlocked is going to destroy the transaxle, but we’d suggest only running your side-by-side with the rear diff locked when you need it. Locking it up when it’s not needed just adds more stress to the driveline. And when there’s stress on the driveline of the Can-am Defender, breakages can occur. So if you’re on the hunt for aftermarket Can-am Defender drivelines or driveline components, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Everything Can-Am Offroad, our Can-am Defender rear driveline selection is second to none. If you need a new or aftermarket rear driveline, get one. But more importantly, you should protect and aim to maintain the rear driveline you already have.


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Now we’re not suggesting toning back on your driving style, nor are we saying that you shouldn’t go extreme. Rather, we’d suggest proper checks and maintenance, such as changing the differential fluid periodically. Your rear Can-am driveline might seem noisy while going high speeds in 4WD, but this is normal. Slight driveline vibrations do occur, but it shouldn’t be too extreme. If your hands go numb due to vibrations while holding the steering wheel, you’ve got yourself an issue. Whatever the case, be it a rear driveline fracture or just an unbalanced and out-of-phase rear Can-am driveline, here at Everything Can-Am Offroad, we’ve got the rear drivelines and driveline accessories for you!

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