If the transmission and rear drive train on your Can-Am Defender exploded when hill climbing, or if you need something simple like a shifter cable or transmission shift link, we’re here to help with amazing transmission replacement parts at Everything Can-Am Offroad! Hefty tires are often blamed for transmission issues in the Can-Am Defender. But bigger tires aren’t always the culprit. The press-fit planetary “axle” in the Defender transmission has been known to back out and damage the shift fork, and other transmission issues are common that have nothing to do with aftermarket tires. However, if you investigate the physics behind big side-by-side tires, you’ll realize that excessive torque forces are in play that can increase the stress factors on your axles, rods, transmission parts, and engine by up to 200%. To compensate for this, many riders choose to upgrade the at-risk parts and components, including the transmission. So if you used an aftermarket part that causes extra stress and your dealer is rejecting your warranty claim, Everything Can-Am Offroad is here to the rescue!

Companies like Turner Cycles offer gear reductions for the Can-Am Defender, turf deletes for the Can-Am Defender, and shift forks for the Can-Am Defender. Additionally, they also have upgraded reverse chains and double reverse chains for the Can-Am Defender. And because we have close ties to such side-by-side companies, we are able to offer unbeatable deals on the latest and greatest Can-Am Defender transmission parts, transmission rebuild kits, and transmission replacements. So if you chipped a gear tooth and cracked your transmission case, or if you want an X3 transmission in your Defender with bigger axle cups and burlier splines, you’re sure to find something to meet your needs at Everything Can-Am Offroad! So don’t delay and shop now to get lightning-fast shipping on replacement Can-Am Defender transmission parts!

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And what about small parts, should you bring some of those along as well? Short answer, yes. A belt is good to have on the machine at all times, and having an axle in the bike or at the very least the truck is also good. It’s hard to know exactly where to draw the line with what to bring, but you definitely need to have room for a cooler full of beverages no matter what. And don’t forget to bring a clutch tool for changing the belt, electrical tape, crescent wrenches, and hose clamps.

Regarding at-home Can-am Defender tools, a grease gun is a must for greasing up wheel bearings. If you’re doing any work on the clutch, be it either the primary or secondary, you’re going to need a special CVT clutch tool if you want to do it right. This tool loosens the belt up by spreading the secondary sheaves, making it so that when you put it all back together, you can do so much easier and, more importantly, correctly. Your Can-Am Defender clutch isn’t something you want to cut corners on, especially since it is your main source to make a machine move. Of course there are ways around using specialized UTV tools, but for what they cost we would without a doubt just recommend buying the right tools to get the job done right the first time.