Seat Belts/Safety

Stay safe while riding your side-by-side with Can-Am Defender seat belts, seat belt extenders and other safety accessories from Everything Can-Am Offroad. Don't let yourself or your loved ones be at risk while riding no matter how fast or risky your riding style is. The Can-Am Defender 4-point harnesses and 5-point harnesses are easy to install to maximize the safety of your ride. Purchase these safety accessories without any hassle. It's not worth taking chances with your safety or the safety of others. Upgrade your side-by-side with Can-Am Defender safety accessories today.

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When it comes to motorsports, raw power is definitely important. After all, if there weren’t high top speeds and rapid accelerations that pin you to the back of your seat, where would the fun be? But more important than fun and excitement is safety. If you’re not safe when riding your side-by-side, you may not have many more chances to continue having fun in the future. And this is why we here at Everything Can-Am Offroad are staunch proponents of UTV safety accessories such as Can-Am Defender harnesses and Can-am Defender seat belts. Be it a retractable 4-point harness like the ones used in the X3, or the added protection of a Can-Am Defender 5-point harness in the back seat for the kiddos, we’ve got what you need to stay unharmed in the event of an accident on the trail, on the track, or on the job site. Some riders don’t like the stock Can-Am Defender seat belt, and complain that it cuts into their body and doesn’t feel secure. Others, however, don’t mind the comfort level of the factory Can-Am Defender seat belts, but instead choose to go the aftermarket route for increased safety. But regardless of how you feel about the Can-Am Defender seat belt that comes stock from the factory, we can help you improve it or downright change it to something that better suits your needs!

For those of you with more to love, Can-Am Defender seat belt extenders and Can-Am Defender seat belt extensions are both great options to lengthen the stock Can-Am Defender seat belt strap -- ensuring a comfortable fit while still allowing you to properly buckle up. And if you don’t want to change out your seats in order to run a Can-Am Defender 5-point harness or aftermarket UTV seat belt, Can-Am Defender harness bars make installing aftermarket Can-Am Defender seat belts and harnesses an absolute breeze. Side-by-side companies like Tusk and Pro Armor are well-known in the industry for their DOT-compliant seat belts and harnesses. Their seat belts and Can-Am Defender 4-point harnesses have undergone meticulous testing, inspections, and scrutiny, so you know you’re getting the very best of the best.

Many riders opt for Can-Am Defender 4-point harnesses, as they are both comfortable and secure. Depending on your vehicle model, however, you might have to cut the plastic behind the seat so you can attach a 4-point harness to the roll cage. On models like the Defender MAX, you can remove the factory lap belt, then loop the shoulder straps of your Can-Am Defender 4-point harness around the support bar between the front and the rear seats. And although many of the bar-wrap types of 4-point harnesses for the Can-Am Defender are designed to go through the back window, this style of Can-Am Defender safety harness won’t work for those with rear windscreens. Luckily, there are several safety harnesses out there for the Can-Am Defender that connect to the diagonal cross bars instead of the horizontal rear bar!

Companies like Dragonfire, PRP, Aces Racing, and Pro Armor all make quality Can-Am Defender 4-point harnesses. The safety harness by Pro Armor, for example, comes with sewn-in pads for extra protection, while the ones by PRP include built-in belt minders to keep the shoulder straps aligned. Like 4-point harnesses, Can-Am Defender 5-point harnesses are way safer than the stock seat belt -- some of which even include ratcheting straps, latch-and-link belts, and arm restraints. Be it Can-Am Defender 4-point harnesses made with 2” straps or Can-Am Defender 5-point harnesses made with 3” straps, you’ll find it all at Everything Can-Am Offroad!

If you install an aftermarket harness or seat belt, you’re also going to want a Can-Am Defender seat belt override clip or some other sort of Can-Am Defender seat belt bypass product. You might be able to find a car seat belt silencer with a metal tongue that fits the buckle receptacle of your rig, but with products like the Can-Am Defender Harness OverRide Clip by Dragonfire, the Can-Am Defender Seat Belt Bypass Over Ride Wiring Harness by UTV Inc, or the Can-Am Defender Override Seat Belt by SuperATV, you won’t have to worry about a complicated or misfitting Can-Am Defender seat belt bypass installation! Whatever your seat belt and safety problems may be, we can help you solve them here at Everything Can-Am Offroad!

And once you have your aftermarket UTV harness or 4-point seat belt installed, you’ll likely be wanting to delete that annoying stock seat belt sensor. Sure you can just plug your old seat belt in and run it behind your seat, but there are other options out there. You can buy a Seat Belt Sensor Override device that also doubles as a beer opener, or you can open the buckle up and tie wrap the switch closed — free and you don’t have to deal with the seat belt being behind you. Alternatively, you can also clip the small wire going to the seat belt buckle and connect the two wires together with a scotch lock. Simply cut the wire, twist the live ends together, and tape it up, it’s that simple. At the end of the day, though, safety is a must. And while it may be annoying or cumbersome to always be wearing a UTV seat belt or Can-am Defender harness, the trade-off is worth it. Because should the unthinkable happen — and sadly it often does — you surely want to minimize as much risk as possible, taking fate into your own hands and living to ride another day!

Aside from choosing the best harnesses and harness mounts for your Can-Am Defender, there are other safety measures that many discount. Having a fire extinguisher within reach can save your machine from going up in flames.  It is mandated that you should have a fire extinguisher with your UTV at all times. We have both the fire extinguisher that you need and the mounts necessary so that you can get to it quickly if need be. also staying outside of harnesses another safety implement that comes in handy, pun intended, is a grab handle. if you have not added doors to your Can Am Defender or Can-Am Defender MAX pain at top speed when you swing around that corner having a grab handle to grab onto can make the difference between feeling yourself flying out of the doorway, even though you are strapped in, and having something to hang on to other than “dear life”. Even though they vary in price, all of our safety implements are made to keep you safe and therefore they are all great additions to your off-road explorations.  choose any of these safety implements and you will find that you have chosen UTV aftermarket parts that will keep you and yours safe when the time comes.

Accidents happen when you least expect it and that’s why the safety of the machine should be every rider’s foremost priority. For rougher and more dangerous trails, more care should be taken to ensure that you can get back home to your loved ones. Strap in and give yourself the best chance of survival, should an accident ever take place. The seat belts and safety equipment that we carry at Everything Can-Am Offroad are sure to suit your setup. You can protect yourself and your passengers by adding a 2 Inch Race Harness Velcro Strap Guard to your Can-Am Defender. You can also protect the safety of your vehicle when it’s parked up by adding a Theft Deterrent Ignition Relay Circuit to your Can-Am Defender MAX. We carry many other safety accessories like Quick Release Fire Extinguisher Kits and Harness Override Clips. Get seat belts and safety accessories for your side by side from Everything Can-Am Offroad.