Turn Signal & Horn Kits

Everything Can-Am Offroad offers a wide range of Can-Am Defender turn signal kits that are perfect for expressing your intentions on the track, trail, or road. In addition, they also have plug-and-play Can-Am Defender turn signal and horn kits that are easy to use and install. These kits are ideal for riders who need horns for legal reasons or want to grab the attention of other riders. With the help of these kits, you can make your Can-Am Defender more efficient and user-friendly. Whether you want to install turn signals or a horn, Everything Can-Am Offroad has everything you need to enhance your vehicle's performance. So, upgrade your Can-Am Defender today with their high-quality kits and enjoy a safe and comfortable ride.

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Do you ever fantasize about doing more than just off-roading with your Can-Am Defender? Do you ever wonder if you can get that same great riding experience without coming home caked in mud? Equipping your Can-Am Defender with street legal accessories like turn signal and horn kits can make this possible. With a Can-Am Defender turn signal kit and horn kit, you’ll have the right to share the road with any other car. If you’ve never experienced it, there’s nothing like cruising down a long country road or your neighborhood streets in your Can-Am Defender with the wind blowing through your hair.

Looking to use your Can-am Defender to tool around on city roads? Want to add turn signals, trailer light hookups, and a horn so that you can legally operate hayrides? Whatever you’re looking for, we’ve got all the aftermarket accessories and Can-Am Defender street legal kits to make your side-by-side compliant with local regulations. The universal turn signal for a Polaris Ranger can be installed in a Can-am Defender, and SuperATV — as well as other UTV parts providers like KG Powersports , XTC Power Products, and Ryco Moto — also makes a Can-am Defender turn signal kit that is plug-and-play with a signal switch that mounts on the steering column. You can add extra LEDs for a Can-am Defender blinker kit, but many kits tie into the factory rear lights — no modifications necessary. Just stick it in, wire it up, and you’re good to go. You can even get street legal kits with license plate lamps!

Because the Can-Am Defender doesn’t come with turn signal blinkers or a horn in its stock form, it takes a bit of technical know-how to install these properly. If you decide to go for a more DIY route like wiring an old-school flasher and rocker switch with the center off, try not to override your Can-Am Defender’s factory brake signal and flash. The taillights on the Can-Am Defender are the top and bottom LEDs on the assembly. You can use your Can-Am Defender’s taillight to flash instead of the brake lights or throw in a toggle switch to fix the brake light/turn signal issue. Most turn signal arms have a brake circuit through the switch so you can use one bulb to function as both a brake and turn. And speaking of signal arms, some aftermarket turn signal arms come with a 3 pin LED flasher and built-in indicators, while others have built-in horn switches. The Can-Am defender is a two-wire system for the taillight and brake light so you’re going to need a way to momentarily cut power to the appropriate brake light to allow it to flash while the other side still has the brake light on.

In reality though, many people don’t want to go through the hassle of a DIY turn signal and horn installation for their Can-Am Defender. That’s why we offer complete Can-Am Defender turn signal kits and horn kits that offer all the components you need for a simple installation in one easy order. For most riders, we would recommend the Can-Am Defender Plug & Play Turn Signal System with Horn by XTC Power Products. Can-Am Defender turn signal and horn kits like this take the headache out of upgrading your ride.

Aside from being able to share the road with other cars, having a turn signal kit or horn kit installed for your Can-Am Defender can come in handy if you are leading the pack on the trail. Having a Can-Am Defender turn signal kit allows other riders to know your intentions. Both the UTV turn signal kit and horn kit that you add to your Can-Am Defender can mean the difference between a close call and a serious accident. Choosing to add a UTV horn to your Can-Am Defender also allows you to let riders on the blind side of a corner know that you are coming before you do. Simple add-ons such as these go a long way in making off-road riding safer for everyone. These UTV aftermarket turn signals kits and horn kits are exactly what your Can-Am Defender and your Can-Am Defender MAX need.

Turn signals and horns are a great way to improve the safety rating of your Can-Am Defender. They can allow you to indicate your intended direction and current position in a universally understood way that you can now use for your Can-Am Defender whether off-road or out on the streets. They are also necessary and mandated by law in some states to make your Can-Am Defender street legal. Wouldn’t it be great if your riding buddies could keep up with you as well as being able to offer them greetings or warnings from far distances? A Can-Am Defender turn signal and horn kit from Everything Can-Am Offroad is certainly the way to go. You can get a Plug and Play Self-Cancelling Turn Signal Kit with Horn for your Can-Am Defender or a Plug and Play Self-Cancelling Turn Signal (that uses factory brake lights) with Horn for your Can-Am Defender MAX. Get a Can-Am Defender turn signal and horn kit for your side by side and make riding safer and easier from Everything Can-Am Offroad today!