Can-Am Magna Guard™ Oil Filter Magnet by Hardline Products

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SKU: 1336.-ECO
Trap more grit in your Can-Am's oil using this Magna Guard Oil Filter Magnet by Hardline Products. This oil filter magnet is an easy way to extend the life and effectiveness of your engine oil.
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The Truth About Motor Oil and Your Engine…

Ever wonder what turns your motor oil from a golden amber lubricant to that icky black mess after running your engine?

Even under the best conditions and with the most meticulous maintenance, your engine will shed a little metal, tiny particles of grit in the oil. Dirt sticks to this grit. To provide adequate lubrication for your engine, oil filters are designed to pass oil freely. Therefore, a certain number of these tiny particles, or grit , will pass through the filter’s porous element.

As grit builds up in the oil, friction and wear increases causing your engine to run hotter. The oil begins to break down.

Sludge then forms and the oil loses its ability to protect your engine. Unfortunately changing your filter and oil does not remove all the grit and/or sludge from your engine.

Magna-Guard removes 40-times more grit than your filter alone, prevents friction & premature engine wear!

When you use Magna-Guard your engine will run better. Reduced wear allows for a tighter seal between pistons and rings. This improves compression and allows for more complete combustion.

Removing the grit from oil reduces friction and wear. *SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) documents and 8 to 14-times reduction in wear. Improved combustion coupled with reduced friction gives you more miles per gallon.

*SAE documents a 3.7 to 5% increase in fuel economy.

Magna-Guard reduces overall maintenance and operating costs. Your engine will use less fuel and require fewer repairs and last longer.

  • 2 pcs. per box.

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