A-Arms and A-Arm Guards

It’s time to completely transform your Can-Am Maverick R beyond the ordinary thanks to our exclusive collection of the very best Can-Am Maverick R A-Arms and A-Arm Guards! These A-Arms are engineered for exceptional strength, while these A-Arm Guards provide steadfast defense against all conditions and environments! Discover resilient bushings, reliable trailing arm guards, and precision-engineered control arm bushings, all designed to boost your Maverick R's capabilities. Experience enhanced protection with tailored trailing arm guards, ideal for rugged landscapes. Benefit from long-lasting performance with advanced seal kits and enjoy increased maneuverability with high clearance radius arms designed to give you more! For a personalized and optimized performance, our offset and boxed A-Arms collection offers the perfect upgrades. Order now and join the top ranks of Can-Am Maverick R enthusiasts!


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What to Look Out for When Buying Can-Am Maverick R A-Arms and A-Arm Guards?

Off-Roading Upgrades

The right A-Arms and A-Arm Guards can significantly elevate Can-Am Maverick R's off-road prowess which is exactly why people even opt to upgrade these. Offering additional clearance, often between 1-3 inches, these are indeed vital for navigating challenging terrain while making sure nothing breaks or leaves you stranded. Quality A-Arms will also improve your suspension's responsiveness, increase ground clearance, and optimize approach and departure angles, transforming your off-road experience with the Can-Am Maverick R and giving you complete control!

Performance Tuning and Flexibility

For enthusiasts who want to push their Can-Am Maverick R to the limits possible, performance features offered with new sets of A-Arms and A-Arm Guards are also rather crucial. Therefore, be sure to select options that offer enhanced wheel alignment and increased suspension travel catered to where you drive your UTV. Features like adjustable camber and caster angles are invaluable, allowing you to fine-tune your vehicle's handling under different loads or on varied terrains, ensuring optimal performance in any condition.

Build Materials and Durability

While shopping, it's also essential to choose Can-Am Maverick R A-Arms and A-Arm Guards made from materials renowned for their strength and resilience in many different environments. Options like high-grade aluminum or sturdy steel and Chromoly are preferred for their impact resistance and longevity. Also look for specific designs and manufacturing techniques that boast solid welding, strong mounting points, and a protective coating like powder finish to safeguard against corrosion and other forms of water, dust, and dirt damage.

Protection and Coverage

Can-Am Maverick R A-Arm Guards R serve as shields for your vehicle's suspension system, protecting it from harsh elements like rocks, branches, debris, and other types of obstacles. To make the most out of your Can-Am, these should be robust enough to safeguard the A-Arms, ensuring the longevity and integrity of your suspension components. So, only look for guards that cover the entirety of your A-Arms and nearby components, otherwise, it makes little sense to buy them at all.

Style and Customization

Lastly, selecting adjustable A-Arms and A-Arm Guards for your Can-Am Maverick R not only enhances performance but also allows for personalization and added authenticity of your ride. You can tailor your suspension to your specific riding style and conditions, sometimes even changing your ride height. Additionally, customization options like different colors and finishes add a unique flair to your vehicle, making it stand out both in appearance and performance on any terrain.