Push-to-Talk (PTT)

Are you in need of an easier way to talk to your friends while riding? If so, it’s time for you to step into our Can-Am Maverick R Push-to-Talk (PTT) shop category, where we bring you an array of PTT solutions up your comms game to a whole new level! Our collection includes durable button covers, cords, adapters, secure mounting plates, high-quality RCA connectors, versatile velcro pads, premium headsets, adapter cables, and flexible extension options. Designed to withstand the demanding conditions of off-road travel, these components guarantee that your voice is always transmitted crisply and clearly, and only when you want it! Equip your Can-Am Maverick R with the finest Push-to-Talk communication tools today and experience seamless connectivity for the future!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Can-Am Maverick R Push-to-Talk (PTT) Accessories?

Maverick R Microphone Types - Open Mic or PTT

For Can-Am Maverick R riders, choosing between an open microphone and a push-to-talk mic setup is the first step toward having a truly tailored system. An open microphone system offers continuous open communication, akin to a standard phone call, which can be beneficial in certain scenarios, but detrimental in others. For once, these are easy to use, you are always going to be heard. On the other hand, these are really tasking in loud environments where multiple people are connected. The reality is that PTT systems provide a quieter experience, activating communication only when necessary, thus minimizing distractions and unwanted noise from the rugged terrains typical to Maverick R adventures.

User-Friendly Design

During an exhilarating ride on your Can-Am Maverick R, an easy-to-use PTT system is indispensable as you want these to be as easy and straightforward as possible. The PTT button should be ergonomically designed and easily accessible. Ideally, it should allow for operation without the need to divert your eyes from the trail. The placement of the button, whether on the steering wheel or a specific panel, should be intuitive and integrate well with the Maverick R’s layout, ensuring effortless communication during any ride.


A Can-Am Maverick R PTT button has to be tough and resilient as you are likely going to press this button a bunch of times every time you ride, especially in situations such as racing. Therefore, you must look for buttons and systems that are waterproof and dust-resistant, capable of enduring rough conditions such as mud and dust. The build quality should withstand frequent use and exposure to various outdoor elements. Stay away from plastic tactile springs and mechanisms as metal springs and tactile components are likely to last a lot longer.

Wiring and Connectivity Concerns

Proper wire management is something you can’t ignore, especially for systems mounted on the steering wheel or within the vehicle’s dashboard. Ensure that the wiring is safely routed to prevent any potential damage or interference with the vehicle's controls as snapping these cables is as easy as pulling a hair out. Opt for a Can-Am Maverick R system with reliable connectors and robust wiring that can handle the Maverick R’s vigorous movements, ensuring consistent and reliable communication regardless of the terrain or intensity of the ride.