UTV Intercoms and Accessories

At Everything Can-Am Offroad, our passion has always been to make a Can-Am owner happy, and with the new Maverick R, we are only continuing the tradition! We present to you our exclusive collection of Can-Am Maverick R UTV Intercoms and Accessories, intended to complete your setup and make it whole! Explore advanced intercom systems, covers, mounts, jacks, ports, comfortable on-ear headsets, harnesses, antennas, earpieces, durable intercom cables, and Bluetooth solutions tailored for exceptional performance! Incorporate cameras with our UTV intercoms to capture every exciting moment or sync with specialized radios for smooth communication between vehicles. Order your Can-Am Maverick R UTV Intercoms and Accessories today and let us make you happy!


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What to Look Out for When Buying Can-Am Maverick R Utv Intercoms and Accessories?

Maverick R Wired vs. Wireless Intercoms

For those who value reliability and straightforward communication, traditional wired intercoms are a solid choice as they are widely known to be the most dependable intercoms out there. They offer consistent audio quality and a stable connection, ideal for those who prefer a direct, uncomplicated setup. On the other hand, Can-Am Maverick R wireless intercoms provide freedom of movement, perfect for riders who frequently exit and re-enter their Maverick R during rides or those who use a single setup for multiple UTVs. Be that as it may, while they do offer greater mobility, wireless systems may have limitations in terms of battery life and range compared to their wired counterparts.

Smart Features and Tech

Bluetooth-enabled Can-Am Maverick R intercoms bring a new level of convenience, allowing you to sync your devices for music streaming, calls, or navigation. This integration is a game-changer for those who wish to enhance their off-road experience with the benefits of modern technology. Other features can include active and passive noise cancelations, multi-bands, hands-free operation, and integration with your GPS, your radio, or your phone.

Race Intercoms

For adrenaline-fueled rides in your Can-Am Maverick R, consider state-of-the-art racing intercoms as these are, as the youth may say it - built different. Capable of withstanding extreme conditions, these intercoms often feature noise cancellation and robust construction, ensuring clear communication even at high speeds and in challenging environments. These are designed to last as long as possible with the very lowest chances of failing since a functioning intercom in racing is as important as the race itself.

Maverick R Intercom Accessories

To fully utilize the functionality of your Can-Am Maverick R intercom system, consider some of these additional intercom accessories. Sturdy mounts, clamps, covers, power bases, and brackets are crucial for keeping your system secure, especially over rough terrains. Choose microphones that suit your riding style, whether you prefer helmet-integrated or external headsets. Extension cables and wireless boosters can extend the range and flexibility of your system, while port-to-port cables offer versatility. Lastly, don’t overlook weather-resistant covers and guards. They protect your equipment from the elements, ensuring longevity and reliability in all conditions!