Fender Flares and Protection

Enjoy superior protection and style with our Can-Am Maverick R Fender Flares & Protection collection, a shop where safeguarding and good looks always take center stage! Here, we present an exclusive assortment crafted for the Maverick R, featuring robust fender flares, resilient body armor, versatile fender extenders, and heavy-duty mudguards. Our selection also includes advanced protection accessories like reinforced underbody shields and stylish yet sturdy bumper guards, ensuring every inch of your Maverick R is covered all across! Embrace the fusion of durability and elegance, and transform your Can-Am Maverick R into an off-road icon. Order now from our Can-Am Maverick R Fender Flares & Protection range and redefine your UTV!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Can-Am Maverick R Fender Flares and Protection?

Quality and Durable Materials

The Can-Am Maverick R is not for the light-hearted as it is a true off-road machine, one that simply can’t wear body panels that aren’t up to the task. Because of that, it's up to you to choose fender flares and protective gear made from high-strength materials like reinforced polymers or resilient metals. These materials are key to enduring the rigors of off-road adventures, protecting your  Maverick R from rocks, debris, and harsh weather. Ensure that the fastening components, such as bolts and adhesives, are equally robust for long-lasting performance. Think of it as a puzzle, but one that needs to be strong first, and good-looking second.

Style with Functionality

While protection is always going to be paramount as these panels are often leading edges of the Can-Am Maverick R, aesthetics also play a significant role. Look for fender flares and protective accessories that complement the Maverick R's dynamic design. They should enhance the vehicle's appearance, adding an aggressive edge without compromising on protection. Opt for designs that are easy to install, ideally not requiring extensive modifications to your UTV. 

Comprehensive Coverage

You always need to aim for fender flares and body protectors that offer extensive shielding, especially around the wheel wells and other vulnerable areas. This is especially important if your Can-Am Maverick R is equipped with larger or wider tires. Consider the balance between sleek designs and the level of protection they offer. Your goal should be to protect your Maverick R from mud, rocks, and other off-road hazards while maintaining its aesthetic appeal and keeping to looking fresh!

Ventilation and Heat Dissipation

You need to choose Can-Am Maverick R designs that allow for adequate air circulation, particularly around the engine and brakes. Proper ventilation is crucial for maintaining optimal performance and preventing overheating, especially during intense off-road sessions. Even if you do go for the most durable fender flares and protective panels around, you need to make sure they can vent out enough heat in order not to do more harm than good!