With our exclusive range of Can-Am Maverick R Transmission Replacement Parts, you are always going to put all of the power down, no matter the surface! This collection features high-precision speed sensors for optimal functionality, robust transmission cases for superior protection, and easy-to-use maintenance plugs for quick servicing. Enhance durability with tough O-rings and inject a personalized touch with custom gear shifters and paddle shifters. Master challenging trails with heavy-duty reverse chains and revolutionize your Maverick R with advanced gear reduction kits, ensuring your ride is equipped for any adventure. Transform your Maverick R's transmission today and enjoy how a Maverick R feels like when turned to the max!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Can-Am Maverick R Transmission Replacement Parts?

OEM vs. Aftermarket Maverick R Transmission Replacement Parts

OEM Transmission Parts

Can-Am Maverick R OEM parts are what your Can-Am comes with out of the factory. Nothing is going to change, but your Can-Am is going to feel like brand new! This route is best for those who prioritize reliability and a consistent driving experience, as these parts ensure compatibility and uphold the manufacturer's intended performance.

Aftermarket Transmission Parts

Alternatively, the aftermarket sector offers innovative solutions that can enhance your Can-Am Maverick R experience and give you something new and better. These might include upgraded gear sets or strengthened components, designed to increase durability and improve performance, particularly under challenging conditions or in demanding driving situations.

Transmission Rebuild Kits vs. Complete Replacements

You’ll also have to choose between transmission rebuild kits and a full transmission replacement as that is also an option. A Can-Am Maverick R rebuild kit is a cost-effective option for addressing specific issues or making minor upgrades. It’s suitable if most of your transmission system is still in good shape. However, if you’re dealing with lots of wear or if your transmission can’t be saved, a brand new transmission could be a more effective solution, ensuring your Maverick R is ready for any adventure.

Compatibility and Precision

Use our system to select your Can-Am Maverick R model, and we’ll display only the compatible parts, ensuring a hassle-free and accurate selection process. This will make your life easier since you won’t have to think about what fits and what does not fit.

Build Materials and Longevity

Parts made from high-grade materials like steel, aluminum, and billet are usually recommended for Can-Am Maverick R transmission parts as these are intended to endure very high levels of rotational force. Don’t forget about all the little bushings and gears, but also the transmission fluid and whether it needs to be flushed from time to time.