Spare Tire Mounts

Welcome to our Can-Am Maverick R Spare Tire Mounts shop category, where we make sure your Can-Am spare tire mounts are as good as the machine itself! Our collection includes durable options such as reinforced hitch mounts and adaptable tire racks, each crafted for strength and user-friendliness. These mounts are engineered with robust pin and hinge systems, offering a perfect blend of firm stability and quick tire access. For those preferring alternative carrying methods, we offer roof rack options and secure tire straps, providing flexibility in how you transport your spares. Equip your Can-Am Maverick R with the perfect spare tire mount from our range, keeping you well-prepared for any surprises on the trail. Get yours now and don’t worry about spares!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Can-Am Maverick R Spare Tire Mounts?

Can-Am Maverick R Spare Tire Mount Types

Bed Mounts

Can-Am Maverick R bed mounts are recommended if you don't frequently carry large cargo in your Maverick R. They provide a secure and accessible location but do compromise your already limited bed space.

Cargo Box Mounts

Ideal for those who need to save bed space for other equipment while keeping the spare tire handy. This option is popular among Maverick R owners for its convenience and because it helps you organize space better than a bed mount.

Roll Cage Mounts

Positioning the tire higher, these mounts protect it from debris and mud. However, they do impact the vehicle's center of gravity more compared to bed mounts.

Hitch Mounts

Also good for conserving space inside the Can-Am Maverick R, but consider how they may affect weight distribution and handling since adding more weight at the rear could make your Can-Am prone to oversteering.

Safety and Stability

Ensure the mount securely holds the tire, particularly if you're into extreme off-roading. Brackets, latches, bolts, and other fastening mechanisms should be robust and reliable, especially for extreme off-roading. Also, be sure to check your spare tire mount every time you do go out since spotting any issues beforehand could save you thousands in damage costs, both to your spare tire and your Can-Am Maverick R.

Build Materials and Durability

Steel offers strength and resilience, suitable for rough terrains, but it's heavy and prone to corrosion if not properly treated and protected. Aluminum is comparably lighter and corrosion-resistant, but may not be as rugged as steel, and is typically more expensive. Lastly, there are some Can-Am Maverick R spare tire mounts made out of composite materials which can provide a balance between weight and durability, but check their suitability for heavy off-road use.

Ease of Access and Weight Capacity

Lastly, you need to make sure the access to your spare tire should be quick and effortless, especially in urgent situations like racing where time is of the essence. Also, ensure the mount has the appropriate weight capacity to handle the specific tires of your Can-Am Maverick R, ensuring durability and reliability in all conditions.