Steering Wheels

Master the trails with our top-tier Can-Am Maverick R Steering Wheels collection, where we specialize in giving you complete control over your machine! Dive into a world of luxurious grips made from premium materials like leather, Alcantara, and suede, each crafted to offer unparalleled grip and a dash of elegance. Discover our diverse range of ergonomic designs, featuring D-shaped and racing-inspired steering wheels, ideally suited for the spirited Maverick R enthusiast. Experience the fusion of function and flair with lightweight carbon fiber options, marrying robustness with a sleek design. This collection also includes cutting-edge quick-release hubs and bolts for swift adjustments and heated steering wheel choices for comfortable navigation during colder journeys. Personalize your Can-Am Maverick R's driving experience with superior steering wheels that offer both style and substance!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Can-Am Maverick R Steering Wheels?

Can-Am Maverick R Steering Wheel Types

Rounded Steering Wheels

Ideal for a variety of off-road conditions, they provide consistent grip and control during sharp turns and rugged trails. Perfect for those who enjoy a traditional and versatile steering experience. Why fix something that isn’t broken?

D-Shaped Steering Wheels

Popular with enthusiasts who prefer a racier feel, these wheels offer increased legroom and improved cockpit visibility. They are especially beneficial for more aggressive, race-style off-roading in the Can-Am Maverick R.

Safety and Security

Safety and security are and always have been paramount for an off-road machine such as the Can-Am Maverick R. Thus, a reliable locking mechanism is essential to prevent theft and ensure the wheel stays secure during rough rides. The steering wheel should be a perfect combination of functionality, and personal preference, and suited to the Maverick R's adventurous capabilities.

Build Materials and Durability

Aluminum Steering Wheels

Aluminum steering wheels provide a balance of durability and lightweight design, ideal for handling challenging terrains and making sure every input of yours is easy and consistent. Can-Am Maverick R carbon fiber steering wheels offer high strength and a luxurious feel, catering to those who seek aesthetics along with functionality, but with a price tag that goes with that.

Covering Materials (Outer Skin)

Options like suede, Alcantara, or leather enhance grip and comfort, but each with its own set of pros and cons. Suede and Alcantara are great for better grip, especially with gloves, but they can wear out after a while, especially if you don’t use gloves and let all of the oils and sweat from your palms eat into the fabric. Leather Can-Am Maverick R steering wheel outer skins are more durable and should last for longer, but are much slippier and aren’t the most precise, especially without gloves.

Useful Features and Functionality

Quick-Release Hubs - Add convenience and security to your steering wheel game, ideal for those who value easy accessibility and want to switch between different steering wheels in a matter of seconds. Heated Steering Wheels - A great addition for colder climates, providing comfort during winter rides, but with an added cost and more electrical wizardry to route and connect. Illuminated Steering Wheels - Enhance night driving and add a futuristic look, integrating well with the Can-Am Maverick R's dashboard design and controls.