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The factory brakes on the Can-Am Maverick are often an overlooked component. The more you augment and modify your machine to be faster and better at handling, the greater the need to stop on a dime. A complaint the we hear a lot about Can-Am Maverick brakes is the feel of the pedal. Especially regarding the Maverick X3, this is typically attributed to the over use of steel braided line and a floating caliper. Without changing any brake line components, the next best upgrade is to improve the actual brake parts — particularly the brake pads. To offer an enhanced braking experience, Everything Can-Am Offroad has partnered with various UTV firms that have been engineering braking components for decades. The Can-Am Maverick brake kits and brake components we offer are designed for the weekend warrior or race enthusiast that wants function as well as a beautiful piece of machinery under their wheels. We offer the best combination of brake pistons, piston sizes, brake rotors, and Can-am Maverick brake pads. All of our brake kits and brake components have been tested under a variety of conditions to make sure the Maverick masses will find the brake upgrades from Everything Can-Am Offroad to exceed OEM braking.

In addition to Can-am Maverick brake pad replacements / upgrades, we also offer a variety of other brake-related accessories such as hand brakes and parking brakes. And because our selection of brake upgrades and replacements is so extensive, we have something for everyone regardless of wheel size or Maverick edition. Be it a simple brake component replacement or a full-on new breaking system such as the WP Pro or J Juan, if you’re packing the ponies and prone to be heavy footed, running proper brakes should top your list of priorities. Not only is proper braking functionality your primary safety measure, but it also helps when cornering, descending hills, and rock crawling. So what are you waiting for? Upgrade or replace your Can-Am Maverick brakes and unleash raw stopping power in your Side by Side!

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