Looking for an affordable way to talk to passengers while riding in your Can-Am Maverick with music playing? Want a UTV communication headset with noise cancelling mics, unmatched sound quality, and a comfortable fit for all-day use? If so, you’ve come to the right site, because we here at Everything Can-Am Offroad offer a wide selection of both wired and wireless headsets for the Can-Am maverick. We have earbud and helmet speaker headsets that work with full-face helmets — because a roll cage and harness will keep you inside your Maverick, but they won’t keep your head from getting scrambled — as well as over-the-head headsets and behind-the-head headsets that work with baseball caps, snow hats, and even half-shell helmets or bump caps. You can plug UTV headsets directly into your intercom or radio through a headset jack mount, or use wireless ones to rid your machine of tangled disorder. Regarding the latter Maverick headsets, if you buy through Everything Can-Am Offroad, you’ll never have to worry about the batteries running out during a trip. With over ten hours of battery life, you can ride and talk all day. Plus, with ranges that work at a scale of hundred of meters, you can even communicate or keep the music playing outside your Maverick!.

No matter what type of communication device you’re using, be it an intercom, radio, walkie-talkie, or cell phone, your chances of miscommunication will be greatly reduced if your headset isn’t choppy and full of static. And if you’re using your Can-Am Maverick headset to blast some tunes as you ride, there’s nothing more frustrating than headphones that can’t hit the low notes. Where bass is concerned, cheap headsets simply can’t to the job. So if you’re looking for quality sound in your Can-Am Maverick headsets, your search is over. At Everything Can-Am Offroad, our UTV headsets won’t let you down.

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