Offroad Short Course

Many racing series require window nets as well as certain Pit Safe rules you need to comply with — from fire safe fueler suits to fuel safe pit decks. Some races also require riders to use some form of communication system in their Maverick to receive official race communications. But even if the race you plan on riding in doesn’t require a communication system, your aren’t competitive unless you have an Offroad short course system in your Maverick. Be it on sand or dirt, your race setup just isn’t complete without the communication aspect checked off. With a Can-Am Maverick Offroad short course communication system, however, it can be. Using a receiver, earbuds / mic, and a PTT button on the driver’s end and a radio as well as a headset on the crew end, you can stay in constant contact with your team in the pit, relaying information real-time back and forth to improve your positioning and performance.

To know if the UTV race you’re interested in requires a communication device, you can contact the series promoter and find out the rules and regulations. Most require things like fire extinguishers, master kill switches, full doors, window nets, fire suits ect. If it’s a local outlaw series, you would just need to contact the promoter and see. But as was stated earlier, without an Offroad short course comm system in your Maverick, even the best driving skills using a Maverick tuned to its limits may fall short of gold. Spotters and pre-runners can utilize Offroad short course communication systems, and the race drivers themselves will benefit tremendously from them. Do yourself a favor for your next Offroad short course race and start using a Can-Am Maverick communication system specifically designed for the Offroad short course; the podium is within reach, and but only you can get yourself there!

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