Tire and Wheel Accessories

Get Can-Am Maverick X3 tire and wheel accessories for your paddle tires, your mud tires, or your street tires via the helpful folks at Everything Can-Am Offroad. Use our Can-Am Maverick X3 air pumps and Can-Am Maverick X3 pressure gauges to ensure that your tires are set to the right PSI, or pick up some spare Can-Am Maverick X3 lug nuts in case you lose one on the trail!

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Be it Can-Am Maverick X3 valve adapters, Can-Am Maverick X3 air pumps, and Can-Am Maverick X3 pressure gauges for proper tire inflation, or tire patches, tire plug kits, and tire sealant to repair your damaged Can-Am Maverick X3 tires on the fly, all the Can-Am Maverick X3 tire and wheel accessories you seek can be found right here at Everything Can-Am Offroad! In addition to standard schrader valves, some Can-Am Maverick X3 tires come with low-profile valve stems that are recessed into the tire. Although these Can-Am Maverick X3 tire / wheel setups are great for protecting the valve stem on rocky terrain, they can be pesky to access and usually require special adapters to inflate. Similarly, a number of Can-Am Maverick X3 tires also include adjustable bleeder valves. You can calibrate these valves to a maximum PSI setting, and then if the tire is inflated above that threshold, it will automatically release the excess air. This may seem unnecessary, but running the right pressure in your Can-Am Maverick X3 tires is quite important. You want to pressurize your tires high enough so that they don’t fall off the rims, yet low enough so that the tire tread contacts the ground in a manner that produces uniform wear. And even without bleeder valves, with a UTV tire pressure gauge from Everything Can-Am Offorad, you can make sure that all four of your Can-Am Maverick X3 tires are inflated to the optimal level!

Even with a good set of 8-ply Can-Am Maverick X3 tires wrapped around beadlock rims, punctures, flats, and sidewall gashes are always in the cards. With a level head and the right Can-Am Maverick X3 tire and wheel accessories, however, you can overcome any and all flat tire situations. Can-Am Maverick X3 tire slugs and plug kits are great to have in your vehicle at all times, but there are some cases where sidewall issues cannot be plugged. Because of this, many riders choose to bring emergency inner tubes and spare Can-Am Maverick X3 tires. On top of Can-Am Maverick X3 repair kits and air compressors, using tools like scissor jacks will make dealing with flat tires much easier. If you need to break the bead of your rig’s tires to remove them from the wheels, we’ve got specialized tools for that. Or if you need a handy UTV tire iron to help you install your spare take-off Can-Am Maverick X3 tire, we have those as well. Don’t hesitate and reap the amazing benefits of the Can-Am Maverick X3 tire and wheel accessories at your disposal from Everything Can-Am Offroad!

One UTV component that experiences an inordinate amount of stress -- and thus needs to be replaced periodically -- is the Can-Am Maverick X3 wheel bearing. Depending on your riding style as well as other wear-inducing factors like lift kits, wheel spacers, and excessive rim backspacing, the rate at which your Can-Am Maverick wheel bearings wear out will vary wildly from the wheel bearing wear rates of other riders. And even if you throw in some All Balls Racing wheel bearings, Timken wheel bearings, or SuperATV wheel bearings, if you don’t torque them down to spec and lube them up with a Can-Am Maverick X3 wheel bearing greaser tool, you’re still going to see quicker rates of wear. So if you don’t have one already, it’ll come in handy to own a Can-Am Maverick X3 wheel bearing greaser like the ones by Havoc Industries and UTV Inc.

Some of the Can-Am Maverick X3 tire and rim accessories we sell are functional, while other Can-Am Maverick X3 tire and rim accessories we sell are practical. But with an accessory like the Can-Am Maverick X3 LED Illuminated Wheel Ring Kit by Oracle Lighting, we also provide riders with Can-Am Maverick X3 tire and rim accessories for flare, boldness, and bravado. Add to these wheel rings a set of new Can-Am Maverick X3 hubcaps / center caps and you’ll be looking more stylish than Liberace! Pick up some Can-Am Maverick X3 tire and wheel accessories for better wheel performance, for flat tire repairs, or simply for fun and nothing more! But whatever you do, come to Everything Can-Am Offroad to find any and all Can-Am Maverick X3 tire and wheel accessories!

As the primary contact point between your bike and the ground, your Can-Am Maverick X3 tires and wheels are integral to the overall performance of your vehicle. But even the best tires and wheels out there may need some modifications or a bit of sprucing up. Be it Can-Am Maverick X3 tire chains for better grip on snow during winter, or some replacement Can-Am Maverick X3 lug nuts by QuadBoss to keep your wheels locked tightly in place, Everything Can-Am Offroad has it all when it comes to Can-Am Maverick X3 wheel and tire accessories!