Everything Can-Am Offroad offers a wide range of storage accessories to help riders keep their Can-Am Defender organized. The selection includes storage boxes, racks, and bins that can be easily removed. With under seat storage, dash storage, bed storage, and driver seat storage options, riders can fill every space of their rig with the right UTV storage products. Everything Can-Am Offroad goes above and beyond to ensure that riders can pack more and stay organized. Whether you need to store gear, tools, or other items, the right storage accessory is available. Incorporating these storage solutions into your off-road setup will make your adventure more enjoyable and efficient. Everything Can-Am Offroad is the perfect one-stop-shop for all your Can-Am Defender storage needs.

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If you’re smart about it, you can create a ton of storage space on your Can-Am Defender. Compared to other UTVs, the Can-Am Defender in its stock form has a decent amount of storage space. But with the right aftermarket Can-Am Defender storage accessories, you’d be surprised just how much you can increase your storage capacity. Things like Can-Am Defender storage boxes, storage bags, cargo racks, tool boxes, and overhead storage bags can double or even triple your Can-Am Defender’s storage space overnight!

Compared to other UTV’s, the Can-Am Defender has amazing stock storage as well as tons of aftermarket storage options. If you didn’t get the Base model or DPS edition, you’re Defender has a little pull-down storage area to the left of the steering wheel that is perfect for just-in-case bullets, garage door openers, cell phone chargers, or even a sneaky beer. The only problem with this storage compartment / ash trey is that if you drill out your cupholders on the dash so they will drain, the water drips right into that compartment. Notwithstanding, other aftermarket accessories are available to maximize both the in-cab and bed storage of the Can-am Defender. Under Dawg storage makes a lot of great Can-am Defender under seat storage boxes that are not very expensive. And the under-seat storage area also works well for a cooler, which can hook to the sides very nicely. The passenger seat on all Can-am Defenders flips up easily, allowing the hook to fit over the tube, but you might find that the drivers seat seems to be solid mounted. With a bit of finesse and persistence, however, you can flip the brackets on the drivers seat so it flips up like the other two. Alternatively, you can buy parts to convert it to a flip up like the DPS model without the seat adjuster.

Can-Am Defender storage bags and dash nets can significantly expand your in-cab storage area. And if your Can-Am Defender dash storage nets don’t have enough stretch, you can easily modify them before installation so that they work properly. The storage net is attached to the opening with four plastic buttons that are inserted into existing holes in the dash. The buttons are attached to the nets with very short pieces of elastic strip, which can easily fail after extended use. Simply replace the short elastic strips with longer ones and you’ll get way more stretch out of your Can-Am Defender dash storage net.

You can also optimize your rear storage with Can-Am Defender tool boxes, Can-Am Defender bed boxes, and Can-Am Defender rear storage boxes. While bed extenders work well for hauling, they won’t protect your items like a UTV storage box will. Some riders prefer storage boxes with hinged lids that don’t require them to pop the top off every time they need access. Other riders are more concerned about finding a Can-Am Defender bed box that doesn’t interfere with their snorkel system. Some Can-Am Defender bed boxes can be mounted to the bed, you’ll just need to remove your two front bed hooks and replace them with new brackets. Then drill out your box to mount bolts. The rear center bracket needs to be mounted before that. Then two screws go through the bed. Alternatively, the low-profile UWS toolbox for a Ford Ranger also works well in the Can-Am Defender.

Nelson Rigg, Hornet Outdoors, UTV Mountain, SuperATV, SDR, Trail Armor, Bombshell Gear, and TMW Offroad are some of the industry-leading brands we work with for our Can-Am Defender storage accessories. The gear they make is designed to handle the most brutal of terrain and outdoor weather conditions. You will be happy with the quality of any of their storage accessories you choose to add to your Can-Am Defender. Not only will they be highly functional and last for years to come, but they will complement the look of your Can-Am Defender as well. Whether you are looking for a Can-Am Defender cooler rack, a door bag, an adventure rack, a tool kit, a cooler bag, or a cargo bag, you really can’t go wrong here. When you see brands on Everything Can-Am Offroad, you can be sure that they are among the best in the industry. These brands are trusted by riders everywhere. Never leave your tools home again, never forget those extra sets of pants, take your fishing gear with you every trip and do it all because your Can-Am Defender has the increased storage capability. Get the storage capability that will change your life on the trail in your Can-Am Defender or Can-Am Defender MAX.

The right UTV storage solutions can help take your Can-Am Defender from generic to custom. You can always keep your important accessories safely bolted down or tucked away securely for quick access whenever you need it. No matter how wild and crazy the trail is, your items won’t dislodge and get lost in the wilderness. We have some awesome Can-Am Defender storage options to choose from here at Everything Can-Am Offroad. You can get a 12 Inch Small Rear Basket Storage Rack for your Can-Am Defender or a Universal Door Bag Platform for your Can-Am Defender MAX. We also supply helmet bags, cooler racks, and much more so you can have a designated space to store anything. They are durable, easy-to-install, sturdy, and long-lasting so your storage accessories will last for years to come. Maximize storage space using every inch of your machine. Get UTV storage accessories for your Can-Am Defender from Everything Can-Am Offroad today!