Turn Signal & Horn Kits

With specialized Can-Am Maverick R Turn Signals & Horn Kits, you can not only make your UTV more functional but also increase its overall value and make it fully street-legal! Our selection features cutting-edge sequential turn signals, providing sleek and effective signaling, alongside hassle-free plug-and-play kits for straightforward installation. Amplify your presence with our robust air horn systems, designed to ensure you're unmistakably heard in any environment. This collection also includes stylish horn buttons, ergonomic rocker switches, vivid indicators, and dependable flashers, all tailored for the Maverick R. Plus, we provide all the necessary connectors and wiring harnesses for a flawless fit with your vehicle. Upgrade your Can-Am Maverick R today for enhanced safety and communication on every adventure, no matter if it’s a city, a deep woodland, snowy marshes, or anything else!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Can-Am Maverick R Turn Signal & Horn Kits?

Maverick R Street Legal Kits vs. Individual Turn Signal & Horn Upgrades

You have two main options: purchasing individual components or opting for a complete Can-Am Maverick R street-legal kit which pretty much always comes with turn signals and a horn. A full kit is typically more convenient for those aiming to make their Maverick R street-legal. These kits include not just turn signals and horns, but also other necessary items like mirrors and license plate holders. However, if you're focusing on specific enhancements or primarily using your Maverick R off-road, individual components might offer more customization and potentially better value. As such, think about what you want to achieve, is it complete road legality or simply more functionality?

Legal Requirements and Compliance

Understanding and adhering to legal standards is crucial if you want to use your Can-Am Maverick R in a safe and crowded environment. Regulations regarding horn loudness and turn signal visibility and positioning can vary by region. Ensure the kit you're considering meets these requirements, especially if you plan to drive your Can-Am Maverick R on public roads. Almost all of them will require you to have a decently large turn signal that is positioned near the corner of the vehicle and is blinking either a red or an orange light.

Turn Signal Types for Maverick R

Plug-and-Play Kits: Can-Am Maverick R plug-n-play turn signal kirs are Ideal for easy installation without extensive modifications. Perfect for those who want a straightforward, cost-effective solution. Self-Canceling Signals: These add convenience by automatically switching off, similar to car indicators which is why people like these so much. Integrated Options: Combining signals with other components like mirrors or sound actuators can enhance safety and visibility on the trail and road.

Choosing the Right Horn Kit

Horn kits range from basic models to advanced systems with customizable sounds and varying loudness levels. In noisy, off-road settings, a louder horn may be beneficial. In contrast, for urban areas, a horn that complies with noise regulations is always the right choice. Consider the typical environment of your Can-Am Maverick R when choosing a horn kit. Extremely loud horns, like train horns, might be overkill and could cause disturbances, even road rage.

Installation and Compatibility

Consider the ease of installation and compatibility with your Can-Am Maverick R and all the mods you plan on doing in the future. Some kits might require additional modifications or special tools for installation. You should also keep in mind that it’s always best to go for mandated and regulated components because you can later build your Can-Am Maverick R to a completely street-legal configuration.

Durability and Weather Resistance

Always opt for durable, weather-resistant kits that can also take a beating if necessary. This ensures the longevity and reliability of the components, especially important for off-road adventures. Given the fact that your Can-Am Maverick R turn signals are positioned right at the corner of your UTV, it would be a good idea to go for some guards and protective girls as well.