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Maverick X3

Body Panels & Accessories

Whether you’ve got the Can-Am Maverick X3 and need some new side panels, the Maverick Sport 1000R XRC and want a replacement front fascia panel, or the Maverick Trail 800 and require a couple extruded panel nuts, you’ll find any Can-Am Maverick body panel, body panel kit, or body panel accessory you’re missing right here at Everything Can-Am Offroad. Some riders like to alter the color of their Can-Am Maverick body panels, while others could care less about the looks of their machine. Although vinyl body panel wraps can be used to change the appearance of the Can-Am Maverick, it is difficult to properly install a wrap if you’re inexperienced or lacking the required tools. If you don’t conduct adequate prep work, or if you screw up during the installation process, the wrap material could crease immediately, become unstuck in a few weeks, or bubble up at a later date when intense temperature swings occur. If all you want is to switch up the color scheme of your bike, we can take care of you with our stock and aftermarket Can-Am Maverick body panels and accessories!

With Can-Am Maverick rocker panels, Maverick body trim panels, and body panel accessories for the Can-Am Maverick like rivets, washers, and hex flange screws, Everything Can-Am Offroad is the ultimate provider of all things related to Can-Am Maverick body panels. Need an individual Can-Am Maverick body panel to replace the one that smashed into a log? Or how about a complete Can-Am Maverick body panel kit with a particular camouflage design to up the sneak factor of your rig? Be it for aesthetic value to beautify your mall crawler / trailer princess, or for resale value to compensate for all the hard miles you put your machine through, we’ve got Can-Am Maverick body panels for any purpose and every occasion here at Everything Can-Am Offroad!