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Heat Shields

Whether you’re wanting to line the center console area of your Can-Am Maverick with heat shielding to prevent engine heat from radiating into the cab, or looking for under-bed heat shields to slow the melting rate of the ice in your UTV cooler, all the Can-Am Maverick heat shield accessories you seek can be found right here at Everything Can-Am Offroad! Some riders choose to delete their catalytic converters in a bid to reduce exhaust heat, while others simply wrap their exhaust piping with heat tape. While welding blankets can and are laid down in the cargo bed to block heat, accessories like RazorBack Offroad’s padded heat shield for the Can-Am Maverick prove to be a much better solution -- particularly for those who bring their four-legged friends along on rides. Heat shielding material for the cab of the Can-Am Maverick can also double as a sound dampener. So regardless of whether you’re overheating on hot summer days, or simply struggling to hear your underpowered sound bar, the multi-purpose heat shield accessories we offer for the Can-Am Maverick are sure to help!

Adding heat shielding blankets and heat absorbing covers to your Can-Am Maverick cabin are both great ways to get added comfort when riding, but factory-style and aftermarket Can-Am Maverick heat shields are also important to protect your machine’s plastic and rubber components. At Everything Can-Am Offroad, we’ve got heat shields for the belt box cover, exhaust heat deflectors, and engine heat shields to guard the underside of the hood. Metal Can-Am Maverick heat shields are great at absorbing heat, but soft-sided UTV heat shields can work nicely as well. And if your stock Can-Am Maverick heat shields are rattling around or have fallen off completely, we also carry heat shield mounts, brackets, and hardware for all Maverick editions. Be it for heat reductions or sound dampening purposes, you can’t go wrong with a Can-Am Maverick heat shield accessory from Everything Can-Am Offroad!  

2 products

2 products