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A Look At Can-Am's 2020 UTV Lineup

The 2020 side-by-side season is indeed promising for UTV enthusiasts. For those looking to join the scene, the options have never been better. And for riders that already own a Can-am bike, the temptation to upgrade has never been more compelling. With all the buzz and excitement in the air, many are still unsure as to what, exactly, has been changed on the 2020 lineup of BPR’s Can-am side-by-sides. But rest assured, although the new bumblebee color scheme is totally badass, there were more augmentations to the 2020 Can-am machines than simply a refreshed look. So without further delay, let’s see just what BRP has in store for their 2020 Can-am side-by-side editions!

2020 Can-Am Defender

As the saying goes, all work and no play makes Johnny a dull boy. But with the new 2020 Can-am Defender, the line between work and play is blurred. Compared to the 2019 version of the Defender, the 2020 Can-am Defender has more horsepower, a different exhaust that makes it quieter, and more insulation (a thicker firewall) to make it cooler in the cab

Like the standard base Defender model, the 2020 Defender XTS has a few other features that are missing in the 2019 version. Of course it has more horsepower (10 more hp to be exact), but it also comes stock with digital gages, high clearance a-arms, more heat shielding, and a parking brake.      

The 2020 Defender XMR has a control panel for the differential lock as well as more toggle switches. BPR also made a slight change to front end, added a pre-wired accessory box under the hood, and like the other 2020 Defender editions, has a reengineered exhaust (making it quieter), better heat shielding, new gauges and command panel, arched arms, and better doors to seal up the cab tighter. 

As you might expect, as the flagship workhorse of the Can-am fleet, the new 2020 Defender (and the Defender HD10XT in particular) handles loads much better than other UTV brands and even other Can-am machines like the Commander. It has a bigger bed and upgraded shocks and springs to make any task a breeze. 

We hate bashing on any other UTV brands, as we’re all a part of the side-by-side community, but if you look at the stats, the new Polaris Ranger basically tried to copy everything about the Defender just to be competitive. The hardcore Can-am fans will say that if you’re going to buy a Ranger, you might as well just by a Gator. We won’t go that far, but we have to admit that Defenders are way more comfortable as cockpit is larger and the front locker is no longer a disadvantage due to the 2020 upgrades. The Can-am Defender is far more durable, and the engine is night and day more durable and far cheaper to rebuild if needed -- not to mention a selectable locker (2x4/3x4/4x4) can be bought for about $600. All this aside, we’ll just let the invisible hand of the free market decide. After all, we don’t know anyone that left a Defender to get a Ranger, but we know a bunch of people that abandoned their Rangers to get a Defender -- we’ll leave it at that. 

2020 Can-Am Maverick

Be it the 2020 Maverick Trail, the 2020 Maverick Sport, or the 2020 Maverick X3, the question is: Should you get the latest 2020 Can-Am Maverick, or go with the cheaper 2019 Maverick and use the savings to upgrade it? Truthfully, there is no straight-cut answer to this question as UTVs cost different prices in different areas. Some would say that the best option would be to take the 2019 and save money, because a 2019 Maverick is all the machine you’ll ever need and a whole lot more. 

With the X3 in particular, a 500 dollar tune will give you 2020 HP numbers or better. For example, a stock Maverick with a power output of 172HP can easily hit the mid to high 180s with a tune alone. Add an exhaust and everything else and you’re looking at 190HP without breaking a sweat. If in your area it’s only a couple of hundred dollars difference between the 2019 and 2020 Maverick, many would urge to go with the 2020 all the way. But it also depends on what you plan to do with it. If you’re planning on going fast, then yes, more HP will be your friend. But if you’re gonna go in the mud or trail ride, then you don’t need the extra horsepower. 

Unless you’re racing, even a 120HP X3 will keep up with the 2020 Maverick X3. However, the 2020 has upgraded parts like the turbo and intercooler. We’d say that if you find a good deal on the 2019, you can save some money and buy necessities like a cage, harnesses, etc. After all, you can bet that next year something better will come out that you “have to have” as well. You can always do a reflash and add accessories to match your particular riding style and terrain.  

2020 Can-Am Commander 

If you were holding your breath for some awesome upgrades to the 2020 Can-am Commander, you’re probably quite disappointed. For those who watched BPR’s 2020 release video, you might have noticed that the Commander was nowhere to be found. Are they going to dump the Commander altogether, making the Maverick the new Commander? No one knows. But at least we can take solace in the fact that the other Can-Am machines in their lineup are bad to the bone.

Can-Am 2020 Conclusion And Future Outlook

The first thing many 2020 Can-Am owners will do when their new rig comes in is get an EMP roof, a half windshield, 35 Havok tires on 20” rims, and some sort of light setup -- the X3 LED headlight conversion with all green rock lights and green twist whips being the most popular. Be it the 2020 Maverick Sport -- often referred to as the Jeep of the side-by-side world -- the 2020 Defender, or the 2020 Commander, you won’t be disappointed after putting in the seat time in your new machine.  

If you currently own something like an RZR or a Ranger, trade it in. And if you really want to unleash the beast, a Maverick is where it’s at. The 2020 XRC has all the upgrades already as stock that many people have been spending money on to bring their older Can-Am machines up to where they should be. And if you need a reliable work vehicle, the 2020 Defender won’t let you down. If you want zero belt clatter, plenty of power, a quieter motor, a nicer interior, better storage and better fitting accessories, BPRs 2020 Can-Am lineup is your first place to start! Now we don't usually like to speculate about the future, but with the way things are going, the future looks bright for the UTV world.

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