Earbuds and Helmet Speakers

Are you tired of bulky communication headsets while driving a UTV? Traditional headphones are not suitable for this activity either. But don't worry, you can still transmit audio to you and your passengers when cruising, racing, working, or hunting in your Can-Am Defender. UTV-specific earbuds and helmet speakers are designed to work both with and without helmets, and incorporate various technologies to dampen background noise. They come in standard foam earbuds and semi-custom and completely custom molded earbud options. Helmet speakers can be easily attached to any style of helmet using an easy-to-install velcro backing mount and come in both mono-channel and stereo-channel. Communication systems can also be used with these speakers and earbuds. You can plug them into your intercom unit or use them with a shortwave UTV radio. Choose between wired or wireless options. Shop for superior sound, comfort, and quality in your Can-Am Defender earbuds and helmet speakers.

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