Skid Plates

Everything Can-Am Offroad offers a range of skid plates to protect the underside of your Can-Am Commander. You can choose from Can-Am Commander skid plates, Can-Am Commander lateral skid plates, or Can-Am Commander MAX skid plates based on your requirements. They also have Can-Am Commander skid plate bolts, Can-Am Commander skid plate washers, and Can-Am Commander bash plates for the front, center, and rear of your Can-Am Commander model. If you already own an aluminum or UHMW Can-Am Commander skid plate kit, then you can opt for the skid plate bolts, washers, and bash plates to further enhance the protection. Don't wait any longer to safeguard your vehicle's underside. Get your Can-Am Commander skid plates from Everything Can-Am Offroad today!

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There are many UTV aftermarket accessories available at Everything Can-Am Offroad to protect your undercarriage and one of them takes care of the largest surface. These, of course, are the skid plates. You can get 3 different options in terms of material from multiple brands here at Everything Can-Am Offroad. You can get Aluminum, Steel, and UHMW. UHMW is a type of plastic that is very tough. It is much lighter than aluminum and is even stronger than carbon steel! This material resists heat, friction and regardless of the terrain does not bend or dent. This is the level of protection that you should invest in for your CanAm Commander. Companies like Factory UTV make great UHMW skids, but they don’t stop there. Companies like Factory UTV also provide great Can-am Commander body armor and Can-am Commander under armor to protect your rig on all sides. You’ll be sliding over rocks like teflon with a set of these bad boys, and we guarantee they’ll look better than your steel rock sliders after a few seasons of pounding.

Smaller, local, fabricators like AFX Motorsports or S&S Fabrication can fab you up some great Can-am Commander skid plates, but a lot of riders choose to go with the UTV company Tusk because they come with built-in holes and drain plugs. This is a handy feature, which allows you to take the drain plug out if you want to change your oil — especially if you don’t already have a pump action Hydro Vac oil changer from Northern Tool which pumps all the oil out the dipstick hole. They type of front attachments you run may also affect the type of skid plates you choose to get. For example, not all snow plow mounts can mount on machines with particular skid plates — especially homemade skid plates. But even if you have already bought the skid plates and attachment, in many cases you can simply notch the skids out to accommodate for whatever accessory you’re mounting.

If you’re feeling up to it and have the skill / tools, making your own protective Can-am Commander accessories is an option. There are many ways to go about it, but we’ve seen successful mods made from a sheet of ¼” aluminum plate about eight feet wide by five feet long. Start by taking your old skid off and trace them on the sheet — note that you will need a few drill bits, a jigsaw, and about 4 hours to spare. You can probably get a skid set for around 200 dollars this way, but if you factor in the price of your own labor, it may just be more benificial — and less costly — to get some aftermarket skid plates or an OEM set straight from BRP.

You really should aim to put only the best UTV aftermarket accessories on your Can-Am Commander, after all, your machine really takes quite a beating and stands proudly after every race having not let you down, so why not give it the added protection so that you can avoid costly repairs and so that you can continue to enjoy an uninterrupted life on the trail with your Side by Side? At Everything Can-Am Offroad, you will find brands such as RicochetMooseTrail ArmorStrong MadeFactory UTVExtreme Metal Products, and Axiom, all of whom are leaders of the UTV industry.

EMP, Ricochet, Factory UTV, and Trail Armor are just a few of the brands that you can trust to deliver on the quality of skid plates that your machine deserves. You think of your wheels and tires as shoes, but a skid plate is like the bodyguard for you when you are dressed up to go to the Oscars and need to be dealing with fans and paparazzi. The skid plates that we carry make awesome bodyguards, they take the blows and the battering and stand between your machine and the jagged rocks that can do real damage to your undercarriage that you might not immediately notice, but that over time can cost you thousands of dollars in repairs. You can either choose to get a full skid plate for your Can-Am Commander, or you can put on parts to the rear, center, sides, or front as you know best your driving style and the terrain that you take your UTV across regularly. Some of the skid plates that we carry are made out of UMHW, one of the toughest plastics made in recent years that is virtually impenetrable. As UTV aftermarket parts go adding a skid plate to your machine is an upgrade and an invaluable layer of protection for your ride. Choose one of these for your Can-Am Commander or Can-Am Commander MAX.

Skid plates are an ingenious addition for those drivers that speed through every trail with little-to-no regard for the damage that is being inflicted on their machine. They provide a heavy-duty steel or UHMW barrier of protection between the underside of your rig and the unforgiving surprises found on the trail that could cause expensive fractures and the need to replace parts way too often. You can get an 11 Piece Complete Aluminum Skid Plate Set for your 2020 Can-Am Commander or a 4 Piece Floorboard Skid Plate and Rock Sliders for your 2020 Can-Am Commander MAX. We also supply Front Nose Skid Plates, Rock Sliders and Slider Nerfs for added protection. This means that no matter where you choose to drive, you can be sure that your UTV is protected from sharp objects with lightweight skid plates that are specially designed to allow the drainage of water. Get skid plates for your side by side from Everything Can-Am Offroad.