Alternative Storage Options for your Can-Am Defender & Maverick

Jul 14th 2020

Not everyone who wants to own a Can-Am has the storage space in which to do so. Whether you live in an apartment or somewhere with limited space, it isn’t always a possibility to keep your Maverick or Defender in a space near your home. This can be a big reason why many people choose not to own a UTV that might otherwise.

There are several alternative storage options available to people looking for a space in which to store their Can-Am Defender or Maverick. Much depends on the availability of space nearby, what your housing situation is, or how much money you’re willing to spend.

It’s important to first consider how much space you’ll need to store your Can-Am. Consider not only the size of your rig, but also the accessories and riding gear you’ll need to find a place for as well. It is important to find something well-protected from the elements, especially if you are in an area of the country that experiences fluctuating weather patterns. 

As far as your options go for what kind of storage options you have, there are many different avenues you can take. For one, renting a storage unit nearby might be a cheap and convenient way to go. Be sure that the unit you choose is wide enough for your Can-Am to fit through, and big enough to fit all the accessories, gear, or even a trailer that you might want to store there. Don’t forget to consider the size of the door- you may find the perfect space, but if your Maverick or Defender doesn’t fit through the door, you’ll have to keep looking.

If renting a storage unit isn’t an option, perhaps consider a covered trailer. Not only will your rig be protected from the elements, but you have the means to easily transport your Can-Am anywhere you’d like without having to load and unload your trailer every time. If you don’t already have a piece of land on which you can store your trailer, consider reaching out to a family member or close friend to see if they have space they’d be willing to spare.

If your area of the country reaches extreme temperatures, climate-controlled storage might be a good option. This method of storage will prevent damage from humidity, heat or cold while providing a nice, cool environment in which to work on your rig if you choose to do so.

If indoor parking is not an option, try to at least provide your Can-Am Maverick or Defender with some protection with covered parking. Covered parking can be done cheaply if you choose to do it yourself. Keep in mind that this option doesn’t have to be anything fancy; something as simple as an aluminum roof can do the trick, or even a nylon, waterproof tarp. That way, sun damage and rust can be kept to a minimum. 

No matter the method you choose in how you store your UTV, keep in mind that this was an expensive investment. Paying a monthly fee to keep your unit protected might be worth it to avoid the cost of replacement parts and the repair fees that will come as a result of negligence. Plus, maintaining the condition of your unit will keep its value high, an important aspect to keep in mind if you plan to trade or sell your unit someday.

Either way you spin it, protecting your UTV is protecting an investment- both financially and personally. The next time you go to take your UTV out for a spin or out for the weekend, remember that keeping your unit safe from the elements will allow you to enjoy many rides for years to come.

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