Thoughts On Can-Am’s 2021 UTV Lineup

Aug 11th 2020

Can-Am enthusiasts had a lot to be excited about when BRP unveiled their 2021 Can-Am UV lineup. With the updates made from the 2020 line as well as the new capabilities of the 2021 lineup, it’s apparent that this big-name manufacturer saw they needed a win, and brought the heat.

2021 Can-Am Defender

Already known to be a workhorse, the 2021 Defender hit the market loaded down with more capabilities than ever before. The industry-leading 4.5×6 foot bed makes working around the farm a breeze, and with enough torque to power through, the Defender can accomplish almost any task during the nine-to-five working hours as well as on weekends and overnight shifts. Defender Limited Models also come with standard heating, venting, and air conditioning to provide comfort and safety to those who work in harsh climates. With a base model that came out at $10,399, the 2021 Can-Am Defender is an affordable rig for those looking to utilize one of the best work machines on the market, of if you're simply a Can-Am enthusiast looking to upgrade, the Defender is perfect for you as well.

2021 Can-Am Maverick X3

Undoubtedly a fan favorite among Can-Am enthusiasts, the 2021 Can-Am Maverick X3 features the latest upgraded capabilities that will leave even the most staunch of skeptics doing a double-take. The triple-cylinder engine makes the 2021 Maverick one of the most powerful side-by-side in the world, with high-end pistons, a large turbocharger, and an increased cooling capacity that will have you flying across sand dunes and zipping through fields. The semi-active Smart-Shox suspension reacts to both compression and rebounds with unmatched speed over any terrain. Users may choose between 2 and 4 seats, with nearly 15 different models, editions, and package options. When they were first released, the 2021 Can-Am Maverick X3 started at $18,999.

2021 Can-Am Maverick Sport 

Fulfill all your wildest SXS dreams with the Maverick Sport. This 2021 model is all about pushing boundaries and entering new realms that you previously thought where unreachable. Riders have various chassis options on the 2021 Maverick Sport, from the 4-seat MAX and rock-ready X RC to the mud-honed Maverick X MR. There’s an option for everyone looking to hit the trails in the rig of their dreams. Smart-Lok technology makes this unit fully lockable on-the-fly, with four electronically-controlled automatic modes that always return maximum traction in every condition. Beginning at $15,299 in 2021, the Maverick Sport is a dream worthy of chasing.

2021 Can-Am Maverick Trail 

Reach places you’ve never gone before from the drivers seat of your brand-new 2021 Maverick Trail. At 50 inches wide, this unit is the narrowest in the Can-Am side-by-side lineup, making it the perfect choice for navigating those narrow trails, gated pathways, and hard-to-reach areas during your 4-wheel trek. Accessory-ready electronics along with ten built-in LINQ mounting points make this model a great option to let you upgrade to those aftermarket accessories you’ve been keeping your eye on. Head over to Everything Can-Am Offroad, grab your upgrades, and hit the trail with your new accessories installed and ready to go. With an MSRP that began at $11,399, you’ll be glad you dove in with this purchase.

2021 Can-Am Commander

The versatility of the Commander makes this unit a great option for anyone looking to get away for the weekend or simply enjoy the trails close to home. Built for work or play, the Commander was designed with a rider-centric focus in mind. This versatile rig comes with an exclusive bed and storage layout to ensure that all your tools and on-trail belongings are kept safe and secure during your rides. The Commander is an all-in-one type of vehicle that includes features like a bed box design that can handle 600 lbs of cargo, dual storage levels, a folding tailgate, anti-rust coating, and tilt-assist dumping. Whether you're looking to find a unit for work or for play, riders can’t go wrong with the 2021 Can-Am Commander.

Closing Thoughts On The 2021 Can-Am UTV Lineup

No matter the model, edition, or color option you choose, be sure to head over to Everything Can-Am Offroad to get loaded up with all your ideal accessories and replacement parts. Whether you’re looking to get some work done or take off for the weekend on an overnight camping trip with the family, Everything Can-Am Offroad services every type of rider. Order your parts now and have them installed and ready to go before your next big adventure!