Rough Country’s Top 3 Can-Am UTV Accessories

Oct 29th 2020

Rough Country’s Top 3 Can-Am UTV Accessories

As one of the most recognized and well-respected brands in the motorsports industry, Rough Country has distinguished itself from the other Can-Am UTV accessory makers out there. Instead of extending its product offerings into a wide variety of categories, it has instead honed its focus to create Can-Am side-by-side accessories that embody it’s core value proposition. And by dedicating itself to creating quality instead of quantity, Rough Country has captured a large segment of the market. Although some of their Can-Am Commander, Can-Am Defender, and Can-Am Maverick products are tailored to specific niches, most of their accessories can benefit riders of all walks of life. 

Some aftermarket side-by-side accessories come in and out of vogue like fashion trends. But there are other UTV accessories that remain tried-and-true best sellers throughout the ages. If you’re like one of the countless other riders who have achieved satisfaction from a Rough Country product, you too might benefit from one of Rough Country’s top three most popular accessories for the Can-Am lineup of UTVs!

Number 1: Rough Country’s Full Polycarbonate Windshield For The Can-Am Defender

Rough Country’s Full Polycarbonate Windshield For The Can-Am Defender

Be it for blocking the rooster tail ejected by the tires of the rider in front of you, or to keep in warmth and reduce wind chill when riding during late fall, winter, and early spring, Rough Country’s full polycarbonate windshield for the Can-Am Defender will do it all. It fixes to the vehicle’s two front a-pillars with four strap mounts, making it incredibly easy to both install and remove. The only caveat with this mounting style, however, is that it does get in the way of some full cab enclosure systems, preventing the full doors from closing all the way. 

Compared to other windshields for the Can-Am Defender, Rough Country’s hard-coated poly windshield is extremely budget friendly. It won’t cost you an arm and a leg to obtain, nor will it become hazy, foggy, or hard to see through due to scratches. There’s a reason why this product is a top-seller, and its toughness, clarity, and ease of install are just the tip of the iceberg!

Number 2: Rough Country’s 1.5” Can-Am Wheel Spacers

Rough Country’s 1.5” Can-Am Wheel Spacers

Many companies make wheel spacer sets for the Can-Am UTV lineup, but the 6061 Aluminum wheel spacers by Rough Country take the cake. Some riders use them to widen their wheelbase to achieve more stability and lower their machine’s center of gravity after installing a lift kit, while others use them to gain a few extra inches of clearance in order to run larger tires. 

Rough Country’s wheel spacers are made to fit any Can-Am side-by-side that uses a 4/137mm bolt pattern, and they work with either HD5, HD8, or HD10 axles. You can throw a set onto the rear of your vehicle so that it tracks wider than the front, or get a complete wheel spacer kit for all four wheels of your rig. And because of their lightweight construction, Rough Country’s Can-Am wheel spacers won’t add a noticeable amount of unsprung weight to your UTV!

Number 3: Rough Country’s Wide-Molded Roof With A Cargo Tray For The Can-Am Commander Or Maverick

Money talks, and the purchasing patterns of riders who visit Everything Can-Am Offroad has told us that people love the Can-Am Commander / Maverick roof by Rough Country. This multifunctional side-by-side accessory not only gives the vehicle’s occupants coverage from rain, solar rays, and low-hanging branches, but it also doubles as a safari rack. You can strap your cooler or storage box on top to preserve cab space, or throw your hunting gear, tools, or other supplies up there to save room in the cargo bed.

Because Rough Country’s wide-molded Can-Am Commander / Maverick roof is built using the same material as many UTV skid plates (high-density polyethylene), it is both lightweight and impact resistant. If you want to stand on top of it, you can do so without fear of the roof breaking. Or if you’re worried about it becoming brittle at cold temperatures, don’t be, because the crystalline lattice of polyethylene can withstand extremely low temperatures!


Rough Country has held the mantle as one of the top-rated Powersports firms for decades, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down any time soon. Their diligence and attention to detail on the factory floor, as well as their excellence and forward thinking during the design phase has led to a host of products that stand in a category of their own. Sure you can find cheaper accessories for the Can-Am UTV lineup that are designed inexpensively and manufactured by unskilled laborers in far-away countries. But if you consider the cost of replacing these inferior products every season or two, the choice becomes a no-brainer. With products from Rough Country, you know exactly what you’re going to get. And what you’ll get is nothing less than the best!