Top 10 Selling Can-Am UTV parts by SuperATV

Jul 28th 2023

Top 10 Selling Can-Am UTV parts by SuperATV

When it comes to outfitting your Can-Am UTVs, SuperATV stands out with their high-quality and innovative accessories. This post details the top ten best-selling SuperATV products designed for the Can-Am Defender, Maverick X3, and Commander. Let's get into it pimping out your Can-Am Side By Side!

  1. Can-Am Front & Rear Wheel Bearing by Super ATV This Wheel Bearing is specially engineered for your Can-Am vehicles to deliver superior performance. The durable construction reduces heat and friction, prolonging the life of your bearings and ensuring smoother rides. Easy to install and maintain, it's the perfect choice for off-roading enthusiasts who demand the best from their UTVs.
  2. Can-Am Defender Rear View Mirror by SuperATV The Can-Am Defender Rear View Mirror offers an expansive field of vision, enhancing your safety while driving. Its sturdy construction guarantees resilience in tough conditions, while its sleek design complements the aesthetic of your Defender. The easy installation process and its adjustability make it a favorite among users.
  3. Can-Am Maverick X3 Sport Side View Mirrors by Super ATV The Can-Am Maverick X3 Sport Side View Mirrors are designed for durability and functionality. They offer a wider view and adjustability, allowing you to easily position them for optimal visibility. Their solid construction ensures they will withstand off-road conditions, and they add a sporty look to your Maverick X3.
  4. Can-Am Defender Rear Windshield by SuperATV The Can-Am Defender Rear Windshield is designed for a perfect fit and delivers superior rear protection. It keeps out dust, rain, and debris, significantly improving your off-road experience. The clear and durable material offers excellent visibility and withstands the rigors of off-roading.
  5. Can-Am Defender Max Plastic Roof by SuperATV The Can-Am Defender Max Plastic Roof is the ideal overhead protection for your UTV. It's constructed from a heavy-duty plastic material that is resilient to impacts and adverse weather conditions. Its UV-resistant property keeps you safe from the sun's rays, while the stylish design enhances the appearance of your vehicle.
  6. Can-Am Commander/Maverick/Defender 6000 Lb. Black Ops Synthetic Rope Winch by SuperATV The 6000 Lb. Black Ops Synthetic Rope Winch is your go-to tool for rescue operations, off-road adventures, or any situation requiring a strong pulling force. It boasts a powerful motor and a synthetic rope that's lightweight yet incredibly strong. The waterproof design ensures it can operate in all weather conditions.
  7. Can-Am Defender Curved Rear View Mirror by SuperATV Enhance your field of vision with the Can-Am Defender Curved Rear View Mirror. It features a curved design for a wider view, and the adjustable mounting ensures perfect positioning. Its sturdy construction guarantees resilience, making it perfect for your off-roading adventures.
  8. Can-Am Commander Folding Windshield (Scratch Resistant) by SuperATV The Can-Am Commander Folding Windshield is the ultimate blend of function and versatility. It's designed with a scratch-resistant coating that withstands rough conditions and retains clarity. You can also choose to fold it when you need improved airflow, giving you control over your riding comfort.
  9. Can Am Maverick X3 Front Bumper by SuperATV The Can Am Maverick X3 Front Bumper provides robust protection, preventing damage to your vehicle's front-end during collisions. Its sleek design doesn't compromise the vehicle's approach angle, while its durable construction makes it resistant to impacts.
  10. Can-Am Defender Fender Flares by SuperATV The Can-Am Defender Fender Flares are designed to protect your vehicle from mud, rocks, and other off-road debris. They are made from a durable material that can withstand harsh conditions, and their precise fit keeps your Defender clean and damage-free. Plus, they add an aggressive look to your vehicle.

With these SuperATV products, you can enhance the durability, safety, and overall appearance of your Can-Am Side By Sides. Enjoy an unmatched off-roading experience with the right accessories tailored to your needs.