Everything Can-Am Offroad Accelerates At Full Throttle

Nov 29th 2020

Everything Can-Am Offroad has recently been featured by Inc. Magazine as one of America’s fastest growing private companies in 2020. The site and its parent company, Gear UP 2 Go, was listed as the 70th fastest-growing private company in the American retail space, the 18th fastest growing company in the state of Wisconsin, and the number one fastest growing private firm in Appleton Wisconsin. With a three-year growth rate of over 200%, Gear Up 2 Go has clearly struck a chord with UTV owners across the nation.

One of the primary causes of this rapid growth is the great customer service at Everything Can-Am Offroad. The site is operated by riders, for riders, with an emphasis on delivering quality parts and accessories to Can-Am side-by-side owners who want to leverage as much of their spare time as possible to pursue their passion for UTVs. Everything Can-Am Offroad carries over 100,000 accessories and parts from hundreds of the world’s best brands. And for this reason, countless riders from all classes, creeds, and professions visit the site every day to fulfill each and every one of their side-by-side needs.

Hunters love the products available at Everything Can-Am Offroad just as much as farmers do. And those who race their Can-Am UTVs will receive just as many benefits from the site as those who ride desert dunes or mountainous trails. And because we offer Can-Am accessories, parts, and advice for all kinds of riders, synergies are achieved that advantage everyone! The site doesn't focus on riders with thick pocketbooks, nor does it act as a mere middleman that delivers little value. Everything Can-Am Offroad has attained phenomenal growth rates for a reason, and these growth rates are an indication of customer satisfaction. 

According to the company’s founder and president Michael Lutes, the success that Gear Up 2 Go and its subsidiaries has achieved is due to a combination of both the hard work of the employees and their ability to go above and beyond for the customer. He stated that he is “…so proud of the amazing team we have built!  Our company is made up of 50+ people that come in every day and give 110% to serve our customers and make Gear Up 2 Go a better place to work! We have a management team that is out of this world and this award is a testament to their leadership.  Our company is not big into awards but what we are into is surpassing our customer's expectations, and this is just a recognition of that, which we are all very proud of."

The team behind Everything Can-Am Offroad saw an opportunity, and they filled that niche better than anyone could have imagined. Look around any rural neighborhood or small town and you’re sure to see side-by-sides behind open garage doors and underneath storage covers in lawns, backyards, and driveways. With deluxe features that were once reserved for on-road automobiles, UTVs have been transitioning from work machines to everyday transportation vehicles that their owners use for fun, sport, and leisure. Heaters and air systems are commonplace in Can-Am side-by-sides, while high-end stereo kits can be installed to deliver audio quality that is comparable to that of any luxury car. Add to this the increasing legality of UTVs on public roads and it’s little wonder why so many people have started to adopt them for day-to-day use.

What was once a machine for farm work, manual labor, or racing applications is now a key component to a group activity that the whole family can enjoy. And because the side-by-side world has become open to the masses, the number of visitors to sites like Everything Can-Am Offroad is only going to increase — which is a responsibility that we don’t take lightly. Moving forward, we can assure our customers that we’ll continue to provide the best products for all Can-Am side-by-side models at prices that everyone can afford! And regardless of whether or not our meteoric growth continues, if our customers are happy, we’ll be happy!