Farming Accessories for the Can-Am Defender

Jun 9th 2020

The Can-Am Defender on its own is an ideal machine for use around the farm, but certain parts and accessories on the market today offer the perfect pairing for accomplishing those arduous tasks. There are several parts and accessories available from Everything Can-Am Offroad that promise to increase the efficiency of your daily activities to help you get your work done in record time. Take a look at a few of our favorites and think about how they might help you tackle your daily workload. 

Can-Am M.U.D Trailer by Moose

This trailer is a favorite amongst powersports enthusiasts. Constructed from steel, this heavy-duty trailer is built for the cumbersome loads that need transporting across the farm. Whether hauling rocks, mud, tools or other outdoor accessories, this trailer is built to withstand even the harshest conditions and terrains while getting from one destination to the next. The removable tailgate paired with the tilting feature make for easy dumping or removal of every load. The sturdy construction paired with the 1,000-lb capacity makes those tasks you’ve been dreading seem like a breeze.  

Can-Am Groundhog Max with Kit by Bad Dawg

The Groundhog Max serves as the perfect companion, especially if you’re working as a one-man operation. The easy-to-use transport mode allows the plow to reach any remote food plot that your Defender can reach. The Groundhog Max can reach speeds between 3-7 MPH, and even has the capability to plow in reverse if you miss a spot or need to back up for any reason. Though half as wide as a normal plow, the Groundhog Max is meant to create food plots that are easily crafted by one person. This plow is also great for creating firebreaks or for use with duck hunting, landscaping and weed control, making it the ultimate, versatile tool.

Can-Am 57” Rough Cut Mower by Kunz

The ultimate pairing exists between the Can-Am Defender and the 57” Rough Cut Mower by Kunz. Built to tackle large plots of land, this mower will save you time and money by allowing you to cut your field the way you want it while avoiding the use of a mowing service, thus saving you thousands every year. This mower can be pulled directly behind your Defender or set to the side, ensuring that you won’t miss any spots on even the largest stretches of land. Features also include a commercial grade twin cylinder electric start engine and electric clutch blade engagement. 

Can-Am 48 Inch Landscape Rake by Field Tuff

You’ll no longer need to stress about the upkeep of your property when you have the Landscape Rake by Field Tuff in tow. This rake is built to clear unwanted debris off your land quickly and efficiently. Along with having the capability to clear debris such as rocks and underbrush, this rake is also the perfect tool for grading, leveling, and breaking up the soil however you see fit. The 48-inch span gives you the perfect range to work within while the maneuverability allows you to get close to fences, walls and other stationary objects without risk of unintentionally inflicting damage.

Can-Am Small Buck 6 Disc Plow by Battle Armor Designs

This disc plow is the ideal tool for making food plots within small areas. The plow features discs that have been engineered for a tighter turning radius to get into those hard-to-reach areas with ease. Transporting is done simply by locking the plow in the transport position, ensuring that the plow won’t be damaged and you won’t be injured.

Farming implements can be a big investment, but if you use them frequently and treat them with care, they will undoubtedly pay for themselves. Don’t waste any more time on labor-intensive tasks- head over to Everything Can-Am Offroad to find the perfect accessory. With the help of one of our farming accessories, we have no doubt that you’ll soon be “plowing” through your work and accomplishing tasks in record-time.