Should I Wear A Helmet When Riding My Can-Am Side-By-Side?

May 16th 2022

Should I Wear A Helmet When Riding My Can-Am Side-By-Side?

Believe it or not, the title of this blog post really is a question that we have seen asked again and again: Should I wear a helmet?

The answer, to us at least, is a resounding and absolute yes.

But to many, whether helmets are indeed needed or not seems to still be in question. Why? At this point, we have no clue. Decades worth of data proving the safety need of helmets for any power sports participants, and countless accidents resulting in death or traumatic brain injury due to not having one on should be enough, right?

Unfortunately not.

So, lets talk about a few reasons why you should consider wearing a helmet while riding in your Can-Am UTV, shall we?

Stock Can-Am Roll Cages

Stock Can-Am Roll Cages

Alright, so reason number one on what should be an unnecessary list of reasons to wear a helmet is: your stock roll cage sucks.

Sorry to put it bluntly, but when you’re flying down those trails in your Maverick and disaster strikes, that stock cage isn’t going to help as much as you think it will. The OEM cages are designed to crumple inwards to absorb the shock of a flip or roll. This means the chances are high that you will sustain some sort of blow to the head in the event of a violent crash.

And even if you replace the stock unit with a stronger aftermarket Can-Am Maverick roll cage, a roll or flip can still crack your noggin like an egg. This is one reason why Can-Am UTV helmets are an absolute must!

Can-Am UTV Engine Noise

Current owners of just about any model of Can-Am UTV can vouch for this fact: the engine noise is quite loud.

So much so that while riding at full throttle, and why wouldn’t you, the noise makes hearing music or your co-riders nearly impossible. Even with an awesome Can-Am Commander audio system set up, you’ll only really hear it at low RPM’s or when at a stop with the engine turned off.

But with helmets like the Can-Am Bell Qualifier Pumper DOT Helmet By Rugged Radios, you can actually fix this problem in an instant. These have been pre-wired with a Stereo Helmet Speakers by Rugged Radios that you would normally have to buy and install separately.

Why is this a good thing?

Because you can blast music all day long right inside your helmet. This system can even be set up to be a communication system between you and you co-riders. This means you’ll be able to talk to each other all while protecting yourselves and cutting out a lot of the engine noise from your UTV. Pretty great, right?

Sand, Dust and Mud

Sand, Dust and Mud

Whether you are using your Defender for work around the property, or taking your Can-Am Maverick overlanding and camping, one thing is for certain: getting sand, dust or mud stuck in your teeth and eyes isn’t fun.

Remember that gritty feeling of having dust stuck in between your teeth after your last ride? Yeah… not so fun, was it?

Well, not only does the Can-Am Impact 1320 Side Air Helmet By Rugged Radios keep the environment out of your teeth and eyes, but it obviously protects that head of yours at the same time. And if you’re often in extremely dusty environments such as dunes or dry trails, you’ll want to pick up a Can-Am Helmet Skirt by Rugged Radios to further aid in keeping anything other than clean air out of your helmet.

Final Thoughts

We will leave you with one final reason to pick up a Can-Am helmet today: common sense.

You do want to live long enough to ride your UTV into the ground, right? A helmet is such an easy way to preserve your own vitality. The cost is minimal compared to potential hospital bills, and with all of the technology going into them these days, helmets are honestly downright awesome at this point.

So make sure to grab one before you hit your local trails, and live on to tell the tale!